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Infitech Technical Services LLC – a diversified business house of Innovation Group Company that provides a holistic approach to buildings and focuses on delighting customers with services and solutions that are fit for purpose.
Innovation Group of Companies –  15+year old group of companies.

What We Do

We integrate systems across both new and existing facilities and offer building automation solutions for extra low voltage systems.
At the core of the Infitech, the organization is a core team with hands-on knowledge of the business.
Occupied and fully operational project sites are never an issue and our team capabilities extend across the project life cycle, from the planning phase to project management to the final handover of the project.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Commitment, Integrity, Trust, Quality, Learning, and Humbleness are the key initiatives that derive the Mission and Vision of the Management of Infitech Controls and Innovation Group.

We will achieve our vision by inspiring building owners and developers to construct buildings that integrate the latest technology that is not only safe but also sustainable, not only technologically superior but also energy efficient.

Buildings that are not only comfortable but also productive by providing the most practical and cost-effective solution.

Knowledge base expertise that facilitates customers to have One-Stop solutions for all building automation services. Knowledge base expertise and Diversity in resources and skillset that complement productivity to all services offered.

SMART Convergence

SMART Convergence

SMART Convergence

Smart Energy

Smart energy uses digital technology through advanced meter infrastructure (AMI), distribution grid management, and high-voltage transmission systems, as well as for demand response for the intelligent and integrated transmission and distribution of power.

Smart Building

Smart buildings are green, energy-efficient, and intelligent, with advanced automated infrastructure that controls and manages aspects such as lighting and temperature, security, and energy consumption independently or with minimal human intervention.

Smart Mobility

Smart mobility enables intelligent mobility through the use of innovative and integrated technologies and solutions, such as low-emission cars and multimodal transport systems.

Smart Technology

Smart technology will connect the home, office, mobile phone, and car on a single wireless IT platform. Smart technology includes the adoption of a smart grid system, smart home solutions, a high-speed broadband connection, and the roll-out of 4G technology.

SMART Buildings

SMART Buildings …Cities

Infitech, provides solutions for SMART Buildings Converging

  1. Intelligent Buildings Automation System.
  2. IoT based Building Automation System.
  3. IoT based Convergence of Buildings Automation Systems.
  4. Intelligent Energy Management System.
  5. Intelligent and Automated Tenant Billing System.
  6. Command & Control Center – Connecting Remote and Multiple buildings with wireless solutions.
  7. Complete VMS and NVR based CCTV Solution.
  8. Home Automation System.
  9. Office Automation System.