Energy Management System

Infitech provides Smart Buildings – multi vender systems integration BMS. IOT Solutions and Energy Management Solutions.

Energy Management System

Infitech, provides Intelligent Energy Management System allows utility suppliers to automatically and securely communicate with a building automation system to reduce energy demand during critical periods. With the WebCTRL® system platform building automation system not only helps you to save energy—it can also help save on expenses. 

Unlike other systems, the WebCTRL building automation system provides powerful energy-saving and analytics features that are fully integrated at installation.

Power of Data Visualization

Educate your audience by displaying your live data such as current energy and water usage, indoor air quality (IAQ), outdoor air condition, and much more. Show live data on floor plans- like energy use, temperature or occupancy.

Power of Integration

The WebCTRL system integrates building systems, including environmental, energy, security, and safety system, so they can all be managed through a single, web-based management tool.


Turn your energy insights into action. Leverage information from the EnergyReports package to make meaningful, real-time adjustments to your building equipment through the WebCTRL® building automation system for improved performance and energy savings.