Smart Buildings

Infitech, provides you solutions for smart buildings that are equipped with intelligent and automated systems.

Smart buildings are green, energy efficient, and intelligent, with advanced automated infrastructure that controls and manages aspects such as lighting and temperature, security, and energy consumption independently or with minimal human intervention.

  • Setpoint Optimization- calculates optimum setpoint values
    based on actual operating requirements. 
  • Optimum Start – assures comfortable settings at time of
    occupancy based on building conditions and system capacity.
  • Demand Reduction – allows utility suppliers to
    automatically and securely communicate with a building
    automation system to reduce energy demand during critical
  • Time-lapse™ Graphics – rolls back time, up to a 24-hour slice, playing back hours of real-time data in just minutes.
  • Environmental Index™ Tool – measures, analyzes and compares data, helping you balance comfort with efficiency.
  • Fault Detection & Diagnostics – measures, anticipates, provides insight, and automatically responds to system conditions that are not necessarily critical, but may be trending that way – all with the goal of improved operational performance.
  • Thermographic Color Floor Plans – convey a quick understanding of facility-wide comfort and operating